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Each hedgehog that is admitted to Hog Manor is weighed, assessed, examined and a short and long term treatment plan devised. My aim for every hedgehog is release back into the wild, but they are not released until I am totally satisfied with their progress and condition.


I can have up to 30 hedgehogs in my purpose built hog rescue (more if they are siblings and can be together) and I have a large and small run outside which are used for pre-release hedgehogs. I have a natural wildlife area at the top of my garden for any hoggies that cannot be released i.e. if they are blind.

Sadly, despite all my best efforts not all hedgehogs survive due to the nature of their illness or injury. Some die in my care, safe, warm and loved and some are euthanised by the vet. Each one is treated with love and attention.


Care of injured and poorly hedgehogs is a full time commitment. I have small, large and incubator cages dependant on what treatment the hoggies need. They need cleaning constantly, medicating, feeding, wounds cleaned and dressed, hand rearing, visits to the vet as and when required and of course constant care and love.

I have admitted hoggies from various areas within a 30 miles radius and If needed I will travel to collect the hedgehog. I've also been to assess a hedgehog to see if it actually needs rescuing or if it can be released without any intervention.

I run the rescue myself so any donations are greatly appreciated as when I am full it can become a costly enterprise, especially when there are several babies on regular feeds or hoggies on various medications. 

I find caring for hoggies very rewarding. Each one has its own character and its a pleasure to help them.


About me

I have undertaken extensive research on the care of these wonderful mammals and completed two courses; the Vale hedgehog course, advanced certificate in animal diseases and a diploma in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. This enables me to give sub cutaneous fluids and medication as and when required. My nursing expertise is vital when treating wounds and injuries.


Barbara at Vets4Pets veterinary practice very kindly assists me with consultations and advice on the very poorly and injured hoggies and in return any hedgehogs that are found and dropped off at the vets I admit to Hog Manor for them.

How can you help

Hedgehogs are in serious decline and have recently been classified as vulnerable. We can help by putting food and water out, having hedgehog highways through our gardens, taking care when gardening, covering ponds and drains, and not destroying their natural habitat.

Prompt action does make the difference between life and death for a poorly or injured hedgehog so please don't hesitate to ring me anytime.

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